kundalini energy

The Kundalini energy, the creative energy of our soul, is imagined as a coiled serpent lying asleep at the base of our spine in the Root Chakra/Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini represents the dormant female Shakti energy, the creative potential that lies within each of us, 'un-awakened'. The energy, once activated, starts to travel upwards through the spinal column/Shushumna Nadi (main central energy channel) from the lower to the higher chakras (energy centres) up to the 7th chakra, the Crown Chakra/Sahasrara where Samadhi (enlightenment) is reached, and then descends again opening all the chakras along the Shushumna Nadi. 

Kundalini Yoga is a 'technology' for spiritual growth, for bringing our soul into being. Its techniques aim at expanding our awareness. As our awareness grows we will experience that we have more choices, a greater level of freedom. We are able to go beyond what we think our limits are. We are able to tap into our unlimited creative potential ultimately merging our individual energy with the universal energy; metaphorically speaking bringing our small finite pond of 'ego-consciousness' to flow into and merge with the big infinite ocean of universal consciousness.