kundalini 'technology'

Kundalini Yoga is a 5000 year old 'scientific technology' composed of several elements which, if practiced regularly, will help to reproduce the same results in a 'scientific' manner.

A combination of physical exercises, breathing techniques, sound, relaxation, focus and meditation promotes health, happiness and spiritual awareness. It is much more than just a simple physical exercise routine to keep our bodies in shape. Through the yogic breathing, chanting of mantras and meditation, we experience a deep inner peace and sense of one-ness.

Its components are:

  • Asanas

    Postures, static or dynamic in combination with breath - linking movement with rhythmic breathing patterns - 
    interplay between dynamic flowing movements and static holding of postures.

  • Pranayama

    Breathing techniques (Prana = breath, vital energy, lifeforce; yama = control). If we control our breath, we control our minds.
    Breath awareness is the precondition to be in charge of our lives.

  • Bhandas

    Body locks or muscle contractions for retaining or channelling the Prana energy.

  • Mudras

    Hand and/or finger positions/gestures for locking and guiding the energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

  • Focus

    Usually focus of the eye gaze, but also focus on the spine, a chakra, the breath, a mantra.

  • Deep Relaxation

    At the end of the class there is always a long deep relaxation period to totally relax, regenerate and just 'be' in order to fully
    reap the benefits of the yoga class.

  • Meditation

    To meditate means to contemplate, to ponder. The aim of meditation is the stilling of the rational 'chatterbox' mind
    (see also under Mantras below).

  • Mantras

    Chanting or vibrating a mantra, a syllable, word, or whole phrase usually in Gurmukhi language creates a sound current (Naad) that changes consciousness through the Naad, its rhythm and the play of the tongue on the upper palate activating the meridian points  when pronouncing the mantra. A mantra is the creative projection of the mind through sound (man = mind, trang = wave). When chanting a mantra we stop being attached to our thoughts created by the intellect, our intuition opens up and we reside in stillness and emptiness of the mind, feeling one-ness & inner peace.